Empowered Spouses Retreat – A Dream Come True

Recently, one of my dreams came true in the mountains of Wyoming. Twenty first-responder and military spouses from across the country set their lives aside to venture into the wilderness for a brand new program they knew little about, the Empowered Spouses Retreat. They were prepared to commune with women they didn’t know and to engage in activities unfamiliar to them.

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We can get so caught up in our own needs that we forget our spouse or partner needs the same and sometimes more than we do to get back on track. One thing I know to be true, in a loving relationship it doesn’t ever hurt to be the first one to extend the olive branch. Set down your pride and your expectations. I hope you smile at your spouse (or child) every time they walk in the door. I hope you are someone who finds beauty in your partner’s scars. I hope you never leave someone guessing about your love. I hope you never hesitate to love. I hope you give the gift of your undivided attention. I hope you let someone know how special they really are. I hope you let them see that you love their soul. I hope you give your support more than anyone else in their life. Mostly, I hope you strive to love without expectation. You might be surprised how your gifts will change the relationship into something you never want to be without. Will you comment on what you are going to do differently today for your spouse? I would love to hear it. God Bless you and your marriage,... Read More

Well, on May 13, 2017 we’ll be holding our inaugural Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Gala in Chicago! It will be an amazing event full of color, entertainment and special guests. The aim of the Gala is to bring awareness to the mission of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (www.chriskylefrogfoundation.org) to Honor God, Country and Families who Serve by providing meaningful and interactive experiences that strengthen military and first responder marriages and families. We cannot wait to provide you with more information on the Gala and some of the special guests that will be joining us. Book the date now, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know more details as they come to hand! Taya Micah... Read More

And it is freedom. We aren’t told not to hate because it hurts the person we hate. We are instructed by God not to hate because He loves us. And He knows, hate hurts the hater more than anyone else. Taya... Read More