marriageThe cartoon is funny, but like most humor it has some underlying truth. Wouldn’t we all like to be reminded of what someone loves about us? How cool is it to get the random compliment from your loved one? After you’ve been together f a while, maybe you forget to compliment the little things.
I loved Chris’s gait – the way he walked. I love the way I could see mischief in his eyes and I could tell he was about to say or do something that would crack me up. I love the way he always wanted a hug first thing in the morning. I loved the way he called me “sexy” like it was my nickname, “Hey Sexy,” I loved the way I knew I could make him laugh – and when he delivered that laugh it made me feel AMAZING – his laugh felt like my greatest reward.
I would love to hear what you love about your spouse. Write it in the comments here! Heck, get creative with it and make a post of your own and share it with everyone!
I can’t wait to see your comments!
God Bless you with many smiles and much love and laughter!