thumbWe can get so caught up in our own needs that we forget our spouse or partner needs the same and sometimes more than we do to get back on track. One thing I know to be true, in a loving relationship it doesn’t ever hurt to be the first one to extend the olive branch. Set down your pride and your expectations.

I hope you smile at your spouse (or child) every time they walk in the door. I hope you are someone who finds beauty in your partner’s scars. I hope you never leave someone guessing about your love. I hope you never hesitate to love. I hope you give the gift of your undivided attention. I hope you let someone know how special they really are. I hope you let them see that you love their soul. I hope you give your support more than anyone else in their life. Mostly, I hope you strive to love without expectation.

You might be surprised how your gifts will change the relationship into something you never want to be without.

Will you comment on what you are going to do differently today for your spouse? I would love to hear it.

God Bless you and your marriage,